K8ssandra release notes

Release notes for the open-source K8ssandra community project.

K8ssandra provides a production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra® on Kubernetes. This includes automation for operational tasks such as repairs, backup and restores, and monitoring.

Also deployed is Stargate, an open source data gateway that lets you interact programmatically with your Kubernetes-hosted Cassandra resources via a well-defined API.

Release date: 09-April-2021.


  • A Kubernetes v1.16 or later environment - local or via a supported cloud provider
  • Helm v3

Supported Kubernetes environments

K8ssandra deployed components

The K8ssandra helm chart deploys the following components. Some are optional, and depending on the configuration, may not be deployed:

  • Apache Cassandra - the deployed version depends on the configured cassandra.version setting:
    • 3.11.7
    • 3.11.8
    • 3.11.9
    • 3.11.10 (default)
  • DataStax Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra (cass-operator) 1.6.0
  • Management API for Apache Cassandra (MAAC) 0.1.24
  • Stargate 1.0.18
  • Metric Collector for Apache Cassandra (MCAC) 0.2.0
  • kube-prometheus-stack 12.11.3 chart
  • Medusa for Apache Cassandra 0.10.0
  • Reaper for Apache Cassandra 2.2.2

Upgrade notice

K8ssandra 1.1.0 revisions

Each of the following sections present a subset of key devlopments in K8ssandra 1.1.0. For the complete list, see the CHANGELOG.


  • Shut down cluster by default with in-place restores of Medusa backups #611.
  • Update Management API image locations #637.


  • Add option to disable Cassandra logging sidecar #576.
  • Developer documentation #239.
  • Add support for additionalSeeds in the CassandraDatacenter #547.

Bug fixes

  • Scale up fails if a restore was performed in the past #616.

Doc updates


​ Your feedback and contributions are welcome! To contribute, fork the K8ssandra repo and submit Pull Requests (PRs) for review.

To submit documentation comments or edits, see Contribution guidelines.

Next steps

Read the K8ssandra FAQs - for starters, how to pronounce “K8ssandra.”

If you’re impatient, jump right in with the K8ssandra install steps.