K8ssandra release notes

Release notes for the open-source K8ssandra project.

The open-source K8ssandra project provides a production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra® on Kubernetes. This functionality includes automation for operational tasks such as repairs, backup and restores, and monitoring. Also deployed is Stargate, an open source data gateway that lets you interact programmatically with your Kubernetes-hosted Cassandra resources via a well-defined API.

Latest releases

  • K8ssandra Operator 1.0.0, released 17-Feb-2022
  • K8ssandra 1.4.1, released 02-December-2021

New & noteworthy

K8ssandra Operator is our latest implementation. It provides a cloud-native distribution of Cassandra that runs on Kubernetes. Significantly, K8ssandra Operator provides a new K8ssandraCluster custom resource that enables support for single- or multi-cluster, multi-region deployments of Cassandra and related services. It’s all part of the overall K8ssandra project, but you’ll need to deploy with K8ssandra Operator to use the latest multi-cluster/region features. For details, start in the K8ssandra Operator install topics. You’ll find there topics for single- and multi-cluster instructions that use Helm or Kustomize tools. For more, see the K8ssandra Operator architecture.

Also, we’ve organized this documentation site into three areas:

  • docs.k8ssandra.io provides topics that are of common interest to users of K8ssandra Operator and K8ssandra, such as FAQs, these Release Notes, Components, and a Glossary.
  • docs-v1.k8ssandra.io provides topics that are specific to K8ssandra 1.4.x users (the initial project releases).
  • docs-v2.k8ssandra.io provides topics that are specific to the more recent (and recommended) K8ssandra Operator software, including single- or multi-cluster installs.

Tip: From each page’s top banner, use the Versions menu to navigate to the Common, v1, or v2 documentation Home.

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  • A Kubernetes environment from v1.17 (minimum supported) up to v1.22 (current tested upper bound) - local or via a supported cloud provider
  • Helm v3.5.x or later. Recommendation: avoid Helm 3.7.0 due to a known CVE and subsequent regression. See issue 1103 in GitHub.
  • Additional prereqs are listed in the K8ssandra Operator install topic.

Supported Kubernetes environments

Deployed components

K8ssandra Operator 1.0.x deployments

K8ssandra Operator can deploy and manage the following components and versions.

K8ssandra 1.4.x deployments

The K8ssandra helm chart deploys the following components. Some are optional, and depending on the configuration, may not be deployed:

  • Apache Cassandra - the deployed version depends on the configured cassandra.version setting:
    • 4.0.1 (default)
    • 3.11.11
    • 3.11.10
    • 3.11.9
    • 3.11.8
    • 3.11.7
  • cass-operator 1.8.0
  • Management API for Apache Cassandra (MAAC 0.1.33
  • Stargate Stargate 1.0.40
  • Metric Collector for Apache Cassandra (MCAC 0.2.0
  • kube-prometheus-stack 12.11.3 chart
  • Medusa for Apache Cassandra 0.11.3
  • medusa-operator 0.4.0
  • Reaper for Apache Cassandra 3.0.0
  • reaper-operator 2.3.0

K8ssandra Operator 1.0.x revisions

For the latest K8ssandra Operator changes, features, enhancements, and bug fixes, refer to the CHANGELOG.

K8ssandra 1.4.x revisions

For the latest K8ssandra changes, features, enhancements, and bug fixes, refer to the CHANGELOG.


Your feedback and contributions are welcome! To contribute, fork the K8ssandra Operator repo and the K8ssandra repo, and submit Pull Requests (PRs) for review.

To submit documentation comments or edits, see Contribution guidelines.

Next steps

Read the FAQs - for starters, how to pronounce “K8ssandra.”