K8ssandra third-party software licenses

Third-party software licenses.

K8ssandra provides a production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra® on Kubernetes. This includes automation for operational tasks such as repairs, backup and restores, and monitoring.

The K8ssandra software is licensed under the open-source Apache-2.0 license agreement.

The following table lists the K8ssandra direct dependencies with 3rd-party software licenses:

Title Version License
apimachinery 2456ebdaba229616fab2161a615148884b46644b Apache-2.0; BSD-3-Clause
cass-operator 879074d346edfc7e03037a3c694dd52ee26cae8c Apache-2.0
docsy e67775a312f1f3ad32137423fe2b311a397f5293 Multi-license: Apache-2.0 OR ISC; Apache-2.0; MIT; ISC
ginkgo f9457b013219486e50539bf7d8bc6a559ee8b3a6 MIT
go e369490fb7db5f2d42bb0e8ee19b48378dee0ebf BSD-3-Clause; Multi-license: BSD-3-Clause OR GPL-2.0-only; Public-Domain
gomega 3ed17884e444bb1e28aa146c2716580c2d681ec1 MIT
reaper-operator 19d15e499171fe712aef3657be3d59b3044b57fa Apache-2.0
terratest b13ada22754d4ec78aa0f3a838f9030071fee22b Apache-2.0; public-domain
yaml 9fc95527decd95bb9d28cc2eab08179b2d0f6971 Multi-license: BSD-3-Clause OR MIT; BSD-3-Clause

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