Install prerequisites

Install K8ssandraCluster custom resource for Apache Cassandra® in local Kubernetes.

This topic identifies the K8ssandra Operator install prerequisites. It then directs you to related topics that describe single- or multi-cluster installs and configuration options for the K8ssandraCluster custom resource and Cassandra deployments.


Add the K8ssandra Helm chart repo

For installs with helm, add the main K8ssandra stable Helm chart repo:

helm repo add k8ssandra
helm repo update

Additional tools

Make sure you have the following installed before going through the related install topics.

Also, note that the and scripts mentioned below are available in the K8ssandra Operator GitHub repo.


The local install examples use kind clusters. If you have not already, install kind.

By default, kind clusters run on the same Docker network, which means we will have routable pod IPs across clusters.


kubectx is a really handy tool when you are dealing with multiple clusters.


yq is lightweight and portable command-line YAML processor.


gnu-getopt is a command-line option parsing utility.

To make sure that the command line is using the intended version on your local machine, add in your shell profile:

export PATH="/usr/local/opt/gnu-getopt/bin:$PATH"

In our testing on Linux, we used gnu-getopt version 2.37.3. The default downloaded version of gnu-getopt on macOS might cause issues.


The make NUM_CLUSTERS=<number> create-kind-multicluster command, which is shown in subsequent install topics, is a reference to a Makefile target within the k8ssandra-operator repo. The Makefile is here. The command invokes the script. It’s used extensively during development and testing. Not only does it configure and create kind clusters, it also generates kubeconfig files for each cluster.

Tip: kind generates a kubeconfig with the IP address of the API server set to localhost because the cluster is intended for local development. We need a kubeconfig with the IP address set to the internal address of the API server. The script takes care of this requirement for you.

create-clientconfig is in the k8ssandra-operator repo. This script is used to configure access to remote clusters, as described in subsequent topics.

Next steps

After confirming you have the prerequisite software, proceed to the detailed steps for single- or multi-clusters, using your preferred tools:

Installs with helm

Installs with Kustomize

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