K8ssandra Operator Helm Chart

Library Helm chart providing functions for use in each K8ssandraCluster deployed and managed by K8ssandra Operator.

Version: 0.37.0 Type: application AppVersion: 1.0.0


Name Email Url
K8ssandra Team [email protected] https://github.com/k8ssandra

Source Code


Repository Name Version
file://../cass-operator cass-operator 0.35.0
file://../k8ssandra-common k8ssandra-common 0.28.4


Key Type Default Description
global.clusterScoped bool false Determines whether k8ssandra-operator only watch and manages K8ssandraCluster in the same namespace in which the operator is deployed or if watches and manages K8ssandraClusters across all namespaces.
nameOverride string "" A name in place of the chart name which is used in the metadata.name of objects created by this chart.
fullnameOverride string "" A name in place of the value used for metadata.name in objects created by this chart. The default value has the form releaseName-chartName.
commonLabels object {} Labels to be added to all deployed resources.
replicaCount int 1 Sets the number of k8ssandra-operator pods.
controlPlane bool true Determines if the k8ssandra-operator should be installed as the control plane or if it’s simply in a secondary cluster waiting to be promoted
image.registry string "docker.io" Container registry containing the repository where the image resides
image.repository string "k8ssandra/k8ssandra-operator" Docker repository for cass-operator
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Pull policy for the operator container
image.tag string "v1.0.0" Tag of the k8ssandra-operator image to pull from image.repository
image.registryOverride string nil Docker registry containing all cass-operator related images. Setting this allows for usage of an internal registry without specifying serverImage, configBuilderImage, and busyboxImage on all CassandraDatacenter objects.
imagePullSecrets list [] References to secrets to use when pulling images. See: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/pull-image-private-registry/
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations to add to the service account.
podAnnotations object {} Annotations for the cass-operator pod.
podSecurityContext object {} PodSecurityContext for the cass-operator pod. See: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/security-context/
securityContext.runAsNonRoot bool true Run cass-operator container as non-root user
securityContext.runAsGroup int 65534 Group for the user running the k8ssandra-operator container / process
securityContext.runAsUser int 65534 User for running the k8ssandra-operator container / process
resources object {} Resources requests and limits for the cass-operator pod. We usually recommend not to specify default resources and to leave this as a conscious choice for the user. This also increases chances charts run on environments with little resources, such as Minikube. If you want to specify resources, add requests and limits for cpu and memory while removing the existing {}

Last modified October 26, 2023: Release v1.10.0 (1de5ebd)